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Genealogy Research and Organization

WorldVitalRecords Family History Bulletin

WorldVitalRecords Family History Bulletin

New Year’s Day is always a great time to catch up on emails, stroll around the Internet, and see what’s new in the world of online genealogy. Today I came across yesterday’s posting to the’s Family History Bulletin. There were two articles included — one by Kathryn Brannigan Walizer and the other by Dick Eastman. I have a link to Dick Eastman’s blog, I get and read his emails regularly, and I have previously posted links to several of his articles. Yesterday’s article by Eastman was about working around problems with Internet Explorer 8.

Walizer’s article fit quite nicely into how I was feeling and what I was doing on this holiday, and I wanted especially to share it with you. It includes links to sites of interest to genealogists:  newsletters and blogs; libraries and archives; articles on research and organization; and social networking for genealogists.

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