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Germany map

I used this post to see whether I would be able to put up a link to a map I had made with Google Maps. The map is one I created a year ago as I was planning my first trip to Europe. I used the markers to keep track of the places as I located them. Berwangen is the small town that I wanted to visit. It was the home of my great-great-grandfather, Johan Georg Mayer before he came to the United States in 1853. He was christened in the church there in 1826.

View Germany in a larger map

After posting, I tried editing my Google Map by adding a red place marker for Ittlingen, which I just last week learned was the home of one of Kathy Huber’s German ancestors. Kathy Huber is the Genealogy Librarian at the Genealogy Center in Tulsa. I still can’t believe how close her little German town was to my little German town.

As for my test — the red place marker now appears on the posted map, so the above link to the “Germany” map will take you to the latest version of the Germany map, even as I make changes to it in the future. Pretty cool.

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