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Joe Becker – About My Dad

Joe Becker at the helm of his Catalina 22

Joe Becker at the helm of his Catalina 22

For years, I have been gathering information about my dad that I have been planning to compile in some way and share with my family. Sharing the resulting story with him was always a part of the plan, but since we never want to consider that we may lose our family, I have always found it hard to get started, even when my dad is in his nineties.

Because of my being a genealogist and family historian, and because of my fascination with technology and my always wanting to “kill two birds with one stone,” I have decided that blogging about my dad, while he is still able to read and understand what I’m writing, will be the best way for me to begin.

Being so close to him now, and being somewhat of a timid writer, I don’t know that I will be able to adequately articulate all that should be said about my dad, who is known to many people in the Tulsa area – especially the sailors. But I think that if I can at least get started I will be successful in some way, and my dad will be able to read and see the photos, which should bring back some happy memories.

He introduced lots of people to sailing, helping to match them to the right boat, and in many cases to the right sailing club or marina. He was well known to the sailing community, even after we closed the family sailboat dealership, Tulsa Sail-Craft, in 1998. Although he lost his “equilibrium” several years ago, limiting his ability to get around and forever tearing him away from sailing, my dad will always identify himself as a sailor. I hope he knows that his impact on the local sailing community will not soon be forgotten.

I have created a page on this blog for comments, to serve as a modified guest book. See the link at the top left for “Joe Becker – My Dad.” Please comment with well wishes, or stories you’d like to share, or sailing or family news. I will be sure to pass them along.

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Rex and Allene Donley:

Allene and I remember one Saturday night sometime after Tulsa Sailcraft sold. We were on our Catalina 27 getting ready to go to the Windycrest Beach Party when we saw Joe and Gerry at the Pavilion. We asked them if they were going to the Beach Party and they said they were waiting for a shuttle. We asked them to go with us so they loaded on with a water thermos which we later learned contained 2 hot dogs and buns.

As we sailed down to Thistle Beach and the Beach Party, we found out that this was the first Beach Party they had ever attended. With them being charter members of Windycrest, there had been a lot of beach parties held in the many years since the club was formed.

As we neared Thistle Beach and needed to anchor, Joe jumped up and went up on the bow to drop the anchor. We got anchored and shortly the Windycrest shuttle boat came alongside to take us to the beach. We had chairs, big cooler, blue tarp and who knows what else to take and the Beckers had their small thermos.

When we got to the beach, we laid down the blue tarp and set up the two chairs and had them sit down to enjoy the evening. We briefed them on the charcoal fire they had in the sand to cook dinner and the beer and pop they had brought over for everybody. Joe got the hot dogs cooked and they set in the chairs while everyone came by to visit and say “hi”. It appeared they had an enjoyable evening at their first Beach Party.

When it was time to go, we loaded up in the shuttle boat and they took us back to the boat. Again, Joe jumped up and went up on the bow to retrieve the anchor and we were sails up and sailing back to Windycrest. Just after we got the sails up, Joe said something about always listening to the “Big Band Saturday Night” program on one of our local FM stations. We turned on the raidio and had the the “Big Band Saturday Night” program on all the way to Windycrest.

It was a great night for a Beach Party and we had an even better time with Joe and Gerry with us for their first Beach Party. The sail was great back to our slip and with the big band music playing in the background, what could be better than sailing and music.

April 22nd, 2013 at 8:44 pm

Thanks for such a rich story. I don’t remember hearing about this, but I can almost picture myself there. He really does love “Big Band Saturday Night,” and I think we all love night sailing! -Barbara

April 23rd, 2013 at 7:24 pm